Mark Griffiths
Pianist | Accompanist | Teacher

About Mark Griffiths

Mark is a born and bred North East of England person who still lives in this area. He started to learn piano at the age of seven, initially taught by his father. His childhood was spent taking part in many musical activities, some associated with school and some with his local church. It soon became apparent that even though he played brass instruments and sang, the piano and he had a somewhat natural affinity.

At the age of eighteen Mark moved away from the North East to study a BA honours degree in music. His degree course gave him the opportunity to develop his skills in musicology, composition, conducting and his most favourite pass time, playing the piano!

Mark has been married for 23 years and quite unsurprisingly met his wife through music performance! He now has two children and is very much a family orientated person. To that extent Mark is very proud of the achievements (both musical and other!) of both his son and daughter!

Over the years Mark has played in a wide variety of venues and for a range of differing ensembles. However, it is his detailed thought towards the required programme, his understanding of the venue and occasion combined with his sensitive sound that will make him so suitable for your event!