Mark Griffiths
Pianist | Accompanist | Teacher

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Mark Griffiths

Pianist | Accompanist | Teacher

Looking for some live music for an event or occasion?

Mark's Website Introduction

Explore Mark's website, sample some sound and ultimately use the contact page to see what he can do for you. Music sets can be completely personalised for you, the venue or the occasion. Style of music can range from traditional classical piano through to light jazz or contemporary piano pieces.

Mark also has experience as a rehearsal pianist and accompanist having played for a variety of local groups. Mark is full time accompanist for 'The Mastersingers' who are a group of singers who perform throughout the north on a regular basis.

Mark has been MD for many musical shows ranging from 'The Sound of Music' through to 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Our house'.

If your event requires attention to detail combined with a sensitive performance contact him here!

Playing piano has so many benefits.

Mark's Lesson Support

Are you seeking escape, a means to develop self expression, or simply looking for a rewarding pass time?

There is so much current research to suggest that regular musical interaction can help achieve all of this!

In fact, by simply bringing music into your life has been proven to be beneficial to mental health by reducing anxiety and overall stress levels.

Waste no time and make an enquiry here now! Start your musical journey through the contact page!